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The hospital ship Rohilla struck a reef at Saltwick south of Whitby on the night of 30th October 1914.There was a severe gale blowing and no landmarks were visible because of the wartime blackout. Although only 600 metres from shore, the treacherous conditions made rescue difficult and 6 lifeboats of the RNLI carried out a courageous operation lasting 50 hours. Of the 229 people on board, 85 died in the disaster.


The Metropole Hotel.
The Metropole Hotel was built in around 1897, and at that time it was the place for the fashionable London set to be seen! Take a look at our Thackeray cartoons to get a feel of Edwardian Whitby.

At Sea Off Whitby.

Tin Ghaut
 This narrow passage leading down to the harbour was a favourite
haunt of Edwardian artists. Tin Ghaut, or T'inne Ghaut, is derived
from the Hindi word "Ghaut" meaning, "Broad steps leading down
to the river", and "T'inne", the inn. So we have the passage to
the river with the pub in it!


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