Working Ships

It is tempting to think that bigger ships are less affected by heavy weather but this is certainly not true. As you will see, the North Sea, where three of the videos were taken, is one of  the most dangerous seas in the world.

A few years ago I spent two weeks on board the 426ft long Dutch frigate, "Jacob Van Heemskerck" in the arctic circle. We sailed in terrifying conditions; force 12 winds and sea state 9. This Dutch Navy film shows you just what it was like!

This footage shows a 12,000 tonne ship steaming into a storm force 10 in the Bay of Biscay with high seas and a very long, deep swell.

It is not just ships that are affected by heavy seas, this is the 440 bed accommodation platform Floatel Superior in a storm on the Norwegian Continental Shelf of the North Sea. Many thanks to for the superb video.

Le Passage du Fromveur is close to the entrance to the English Channel and is where the powerful French naval auxiliary rescue tug "Abeille Flandre" was photographed. It is so hazardous that even large tankers are forbidden from entering. This ship is 48ft beam and 208ft overall!

The historic 12m yawl "Anita" off the island of Heligoland in a hurricane.You can read about her life as a sail training vessel and her battle with the storm by clicking on the link.The haunting music is "What lies ahead" by Brian Ingram.

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