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We hope you have looked at our weather pages and that you found them interesting and informative. If you think you would like a weather station of your own, or want a bit more information, here are some sites that can help. Just click on the logos to learn more:

The Weather Shop is based in Ford, near Arundel. It has a wide range of weather equipment from lots of top quality manufacturers, all at very competitive prices. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and delivery charges are very reasonable. You can ring up for advice before you buy and this can really help you to make the right choice.

Pro Data Weather Systems based in Ely specialises in Davis Weather Stations. Their website is amongst the best, most informative sources of guidance on meteorological equipment we have found, and the proprietor is a highly qualified engineer. Well worth considering.

Davis Instruments is a California based Company that make flagship weather stations for amateur, scientific and expedition use. They are not cheap but produce very accurate data and are well respected around he world.

Oregon Scientific is a well known maker of weather stations to suit all pockets. They are very well made and their range extends from simple desktop units to full PC linked wireless stations.

La Crosse Instruments also make a wide range of weather stations and again their top of the range equipment has a wide range of sensors. These products are very good value and allow you to set up a versatile station at a reasonable price. They do not have a UK website but their products are readily available here.

Meteorologica is a weather equipment superstore with a vast variety of kit to suit every pocket. You can compare the benefits of weather stations and decide which one is right for you! They also provide a wide range of free weather data which you can use on your own site.

Netweather is a very different site, based in the UK, it does not sell hardware but provides lots of weather information and services, most of it free. You can set up the site to give you personalised forecasts and even get weather summary emails.

Metcheck is also a British company providing very similar services to Netweather. They also prepare individual forecasts and specialise in information for sports and outdoor activities.

The Meteo company provides a rich source of weather radars for the UK and Europe. They are a friendly, helpful team and you can embed their data on your own website!

When your station is up and running you can give your data wider publicity by linking to the Dales based Mylocalweather website which brings together information from amateur observers all over the country.

Well, that is just to get you started, and don't forget the Met Office and BBC Weather.There are also many excellent American websites which provide lots of useful  data and are well worth a visit. Of course you might just decide to go to the pub instead!

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