Click on the snapshots to go to the live cameras.

Whitby Yacht Club has a very high quality webcam and they have most kindly allowed us to link to their pictures. You can enjoy watching the promenaders on the pier or check the sea state from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

The Quayside Fish Restaurant has a superb remote control webcam which lets you take a look around Whitby harbour, up to the Abbey and out to sea. It is your choice!

Robin Hoods' Bay live streaming dock webcam. Click on the screenshot for the dock cam, or choose the view across the bay by following the link. The cameras are operated by RHBMesh, a company which can provide you with an excellent broadband service whilst you are on holiday.

The Whitby Catch original Whitby webcams have been relocated to the Magpie Cafe. The left hand camera gives superb views out to the harbour mouth and the right hand camera looks up to the swing bridge.A panorama of both pictures can be viewed together by using the menu on the top of the camera page.

The Wheeldale Hotel has three excellent webcams which give us a panoramic view of the bay. The third camera is my favourite but you can select the one you prefer by choosing the image size under the appropriate camera.

The Magicseaweed Surfcams have moved to the Tides Cafe in Sandsend. There are now three cameras which provide superb views along Upgang beach all the way to Whitby.

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