The first card is from a wonderful collection of lighthouse memorabilia compiled by
German philatelist Klaus Hülse. You can visit his site by clicking on the link.

This delightful postcard shows Whitby High Light around the turn of
the century, perhaps that's the Lighthouse keeper's family enjoying the view.

This is the original plan of the lighthouse, produced by Trinity House.

An historic Victorian postcard showing the lighthouses
on the ends of the original piers, before the extensions were built.

Work starts on the East pier extension.

This remarkable "walking" staging was used to build the pier extensions.
It was able to take steps of ten feet at a time and was supplied with raw materials by a light railway!.
To read an article about the construction from the January 1911 issue of Popular Mechanics, click on the photo above.

A wonderful Frank Sutcliffe print showing the construction of the piers underway in 1913.

Holiday makers enjoy the sea whilst the pier extensions are coming on well!

The Khyber Pass view showing the new piers on their completion in 1914.
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